Hesperidian Productions: The Vision

Behold the Tree that Bears the Golden Apples of Immortality

My associate and I founded Hesperidian Productions out of a desire to create something genuinely new, something collaborative and something capable of changing individual perceptions of reality. Our company is dedicated to the development of the social experience. Our productions leave an imprint on the consciousness of those who participate. By stimulating the senses, the mind, the heart and the spirit, our work can alter people’s vision of ordinary life and the possibilities it presents.

Hesperidian Productions begins with a profound appreciation of the power of imagination – our own and our audience’s. Paracelsus wrote, “Imagination is like the sun, whose light is not tangible, but which can set fire to a house. Imagination leads the life of man. If he thinks of fire, he is set on fire; if he thinks of war, he wages war. All depends only on the will of man to be the sun; that is— entirely what he wishes to be.” Imagination provides the key to understanding everything – beauty and ugliness, hope and despair, life and death. We are determined to dream dreams that never were and, together, bring them to reality.

Less than a year ago, Jane Morson and I decided to form this company. We found working together inspiring and empowering. Our complementary talents and corresponding passions, enabled us to pool our expertise and work as one in the areas of film, fashion and music.

After many long meetings, bottles of wine, and discussions about the most efficient way to structure our business now and in the future, we formed our greatest creation yet: a production company with in-house film, fashion and music departments. Our structure allows us to collaborate with other artists to create a cohesive message expressed through different forms of interactive media. Basing Hesperidian Productions in Chicago is especially important to us because of the city’s rich artistic and social channels. We are excited to be part of such a vibrant creative network and hope through our efforts to help build an even stronger community.

We are blessed with an incredible team at Hesperidian Productions. Their talent, time, and intelligence have fueled the projects already begun. Their dedication to a common vision provides a collective power rarely seen in a newly-formed creative ensemble. We are excited to introduce them to you via blog entries, photos on our website and Facebook, and video blogs. We have an awesome team. Go team go. We rise from here.

This blog will be an inside look at the people behind Hesperidian Productions. We will have a main blogger reporting news and updates on current projects. We’ll also feature some posts from the artists with whom we’re collaborating on music videos, runway shows and more. This blog is our way of reaching out to the people who care about us and support us. So please keep reading and keep watching, because the best is yet to come.

-Kyle Thomas, President/ Director of Film Department, Hesperidian Productions

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