“Stiletto” Director’s Statement


Justice, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  As a concept, justice offers hope of restitution, of healing wounds and righting wrongs;  when applied to actual cases, it often seems to fall short — particularly when politics, religion and power are involved.  It’s easy to cite examples when the standard of justice appears to be applied differently to people based on money, connections and status.  Clearly, the scales of justice are difficult to balance in real life and “blind” impartial justice is rarely achieved.

The “justice system” too often stands apart — in opposition even — to most people’s conception of Justice.  In “Stiletto,” Pete Davis, a man of impeccable heart, represents both Justice and the justice system.  As a D.A., he’s driven by a deep passion for upholding his vision of Justice: a standard that applies equally to all and that offers protection to the weak against the strong.  His allegiance to the truth sets Pete apart from the corrupt city that surrounds him. Yet even Pete is unprepared for the brutality of the vengeance that is brought screaming down with fire and blood around him as a result of justice delayed.

“Stiletto,” for me, has always been Selene’s story. She is a women of great beauty and power. She, too, has her own idea of Justice. It is this conflict that is so exciting to explore as the director of this beautiful story because there can be no peace when something as dark as vengeance poisons someone’s mind. Even the most resilient flower will die.

The stylistic conventions of film noir provide a powerful set of tools to paint a world of secrets, lies and corruption.  The characters inhabit a world where the intensity and contrast of light and shadow provide a means of conveying the venomous conflict that runs beneath the surface.  The theatricality of the genre is captivating.  As a Tribe, Hesperidian Productions immersed ourselves in a new world where lighting, like an omniscient voice, can effectively foreshadow the psychology and the fate of each character. This synergy creates magic upon the screen.

The technical achievements of “Stiletto” are matched by the powerful performances of each of the actors. I hope this film not only pays homage to the Noir style, but also allows audiences to once again appreciate the power of this creative vehicle. Get ready to enter the world of “Stiletto.”  We promise you that justice will be served.

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