Hesperidian Productions: Born of Myth


Since the dawn of civilization, art has expressed humanity’s questions about the universe and mankind’s place within it. Tales of gods and heroes provided a template for our ancestors to interpret the world and the human condition. Today, these stories and symbols embody our cultural heritage; they provide a set of concepts that we share with our audience. All of us at Hesperidian Productions pay homage to the archetypes that have fed artists’ imaginations throughout the centuries as we, too, find creative inspiration in this timeless repository of myth, magic and mystery.

We take our name from an ancient Greek legend of the garden of Hesperides, a magical spot at the edge of the world. In this garden grew a single tree, which bore golden apples of immortality. Three nymphs and a never-sleeping dragon were charged with guarding the apples and forever protecting this magical elixir of life.

This myth of Hesperides represents our inspiration and our mission as artists, as it embodies the symbols of creation, beauty, and fantastic reality. We are attracted to the truths at the core of humanity – whether they be love, hope, or sacrifice – and the way these themes manifest within even the darkest of places. As we continue to release more work over the next months and years, our canon will incorporate many topics: psychological, sexual and political, to name just a few; but at the root of our work, we hope to incorporate the inexhaustible and endlessly fascinating existential questions that inspire us. Each project we undertake will provide a unique and fantastic prism through which to explore the enigma of human existence.

Our first short film highlights our interests as a company: “Awakening” seeks to capture the magic of Hesperides and to illuminate the timelessness of this myth. Through this project, we align our company with a clear, engaging and professional approach to story-telling, production and direction. Our upcoming projects, although not as fantastical, will expand upon this aesthetic and further develop our unique brand.

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