Five Tips for Aspiring Screenwriters

Hesperidian Productions recently put out a call for screenwriters and we were delighted at the overwhelming response.  Reading over the submissions, we’ve noticed mistakes that seem to come up again and again. Here are five common mistakes you don’t want to make in submitting your work:

1.       Don’t be anonymous.
Your title page (or lack thereof) can kill your chances before we’ve read a word of your sparkling dialogue.  Untitled material suggests incomplete or unprofessional work.  Why miss a chance to pitch your concept by packaging it with a killer title?  Oh, and by the way, without your name and contact information on a title page, your brilliant script can only be attributed to that prolific writer, “anonymous,” as it makes its way to the reject pile.

2.       Draft #62 is not an impressive subtitle.
Knowing how many times you did or didn’t rewrite your script is one of those secrets that’s best kept to yourself.  Hide the seams….

3.       Have you proofread your manuscript?  Spell-check only goes so far.  
Typos will jar the reader and lead them to question your professionalism.  Don’t mar your tragic story with hilarious blunders — unless you want your submission remembered as one of the most entertaining stories we ever rejected.

4.       Dare to be different.
Know what sets your script apart and develop that concept.  We’re looking for original minds that can produce one-of-a-kind scripts.  Like our audiences, we want to be inspired, challenged and moved.  Memorable characters, heroic journeys and genre-bending narratives will move your submission to the top of our list.

5.       Formatting DOES matter.
Only standard script formatting is acceptable for script submissions.  If you think your stage play would make an amazing screenplay then take the time to adapt it.  Find screenwriting software and use it!

We’re still looking for a few good writers.  If you’d like to submit your work for consideration, please forward a cover letter, resume and a sample of your work in PDF format to:  Kristin at Please include in the email subject line “FILM SCRIPT SUBMISSION.” Please be sure to include all contact information as per Tip #1 (name, phone number and e-mail address). In addition, links to your website, awards and film/TV credits are encouraged.

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