Styling “First Date”:

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How We Chose the Looks . . .

And How You Can, Too!

Deciding what to wear on a first date can be intimidating, even when the occasion calls for a casual look.  In “First Date,” Episode #4 of Hesperidian Fashion: The Web Series, Michelle Sam, our Fashion Director embraced the challenge of dressing a boy and a girl in a variety of winning looks, employing basic principles that viewers can use to create their own individual styles. Watch First Date here.

Michelle likes the Indie urban approach of Brooklyn Industries’ designs for men and women, which strike a balance between stylish and casual.  Accessible both online and in retail locations nationwide, Brooklyn Industries provided all of the items worn by our couple, Eric and Katelin in “First Date.”

Here’s a brief description of the looks Michelle created and the reasons they work so well.

Look #1: “You are Beautiful” For Her



Striped black and white blazer
“You are Beautiful” t-shirt

Dark blue jeans
Pink belt

The “You are Beautiful” t-shirt shows a map of the United States with states that have approved gay marriage appearing in different colors. To dress up the t-shirt, Michelle selected a striped black and white blazer with a frill around the front edge. This detail adds texture and visual interest without overpowering the outfit. Dark jeans and a pink belt complete Katelin’s casual look. Whether attending a concert or having a drink at the local pub, our model will not only fit in perfectly, but will also stand out in the crowd.

Look #2: “Old School” For Him



Blue and white “old school” varsity sweater
“Periodic Table of Brooklyn” t-shirt
Dark blue jeans

One of the things we love about Brooklyn Industries is their unique graphic t-shirts. We were immediately drawn to the “Periodic Table of Brooklyn” design, a nice play on the table of the elements we were all forced to learn in high school. To tie in the school theme, Michelle added a blue and white old school varsity sweater and blue jeans to complete the look.

Look #3: “Classic Navy” For Her 



Navy Blue Dress

This simple look can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on accessories. We like the variety of details, such as a small sash at the corner of the hip, horizontal white needlework, and the tiered effect that creates a flattering shape.  Go formal with some stilettos or casual with some flats. This versatile dress works for most occasions.

Look #4: “Military Style” For Him



Green khaki military-style jacket
Long sleeved blue and green plaid collared shirt
Dark jeans
Brown loafers

In this particular outfit, we loved the interplay between blues and greens, as well as the epaulets and other detailing, that give this jacket a military appearance.  The casual impact of  dark jeans is balanced by the more formal style of brown loafers, which finish the look.

Look #5: “Lady in Red” For Her



Red dress
Yellow and brown bag

Red is a powerful and confident color but also a playful one, particularly in a vintage context.  Our model creates an unforgettable first impression when she answers the door in this modern update of a classic 1950’s silhouette.   Not only does the red pop, but the addition of the yellow shoulder bag adds to the high-energy casual style that captures Eric’s attention from the moment Katelin answers the door.

Look #6: “Color Block” For Him



Orange v-neck t-shirt
Long sleeve collared shirt in blue with triangle square
Blue jeans

The triangle square is a unique detail on the long sleeve collared shirt, but the monochrome pairing of blue shirt and blue jeans won’t make a strong first impression on Eric’s date.   He needs something to make the combination pop and show his sense of adventure.  In this case, the addition of an orange v-neck t-shirt adds the strong burst of color that could catch Katelin’s eye.

Look #7:  “The Hat Makes the Man” For Him



Black blazer
Long sleeve black-and-white-check collared shirt
Green khaki pants
Tweed full shape cap

Pairing a safe choice, like this black blazer, with less-traditional accompaniments, like khaki pants, a distinctive tweed cap and a fun checked shirt creates the sophisticated look that Michelle chose for Eric’s first date.  The patterns and color attract attention and demonstrate a fashion-conscious daring. The more conservative man could leave off the cap.


Now that you understand the fashion principles that Michelle used to create the looks you see on the screen, we hope you’ll replay “First Date” with an even more fashion-conscious eye and watch all these elements come together. Watch First Date here.


First Date:  You be the Stylist!

Which looks would you have chosen for Eric and Katelin for their first date?  
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Thanks to Brooklyn Industries for their partnership in the production of “First Date,” Hesperidian Productions’ first moving fashion editorial.

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