Awakening Director’s Statement

Directors Statement Awakening

“Awakening” is a film about creative and spiritual release. In this first short film from our new Chicago-based production company, I wanted to explore themes and imagery that have long inspired me as an actor, writer, artist and filmmaker. In particular, I draw upon the ancient legend for which our company, Hesperidian Productions, is named.

As the director and writer of “Awakening,” I wanted to showcase our team’s creative abilities and technical mastery while retelling this timeless story for a new audience. Drawing inspiration from fantasy and a neo-noir aesthetic, I infused themes of “Awakening” within the production design, cinematography, and performances. “Awakening” reaffirmed my belief in the importance of a director’s strong creative vision as well as his ability to collaborate with a team to achieve the manifestation of the project. Achieving both the gritty realism of the film’s beginning and the fantastic surrealism of its ending demanded the highest creative effort of everyone involved in the project.

Prepare to enter the world of “Awakening.” Divine inspiration can manifest within even the darkest of places.

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