Awakening: Winner of Excellence in Filmmaking at the 2012 Canada International Film Festival

Awakening, The Film: A Myth Retold

According to ancient myth, in a lush garden, on an island at the edge of the world, a magical tree grows.  Guarded by a hundred-headed dragon and three magical nymphs known as the Hesperides, this tree bears the golden apples of immortality.

In “Awakening,” a post-apocalyptic retelling of this myth, “Big Brother is Here” and humanity struggles to retain knowledge of the creative and spiritual muses of the past. A totalitarian government backed by religious extremists has brutally suppressed individuality in all its forms. In an effort to safeguard artistic treasures of the past, bands of renegades moved swiftly to salvage important works before they could be destroyed by the new regime; however, vast amounts of respected artifacts were lost. Since then, a new generation has reached adulthood never experiencing their own cultural heritage. The possibility of artistic and spiritual self-expression is no longer even a memory. The struggle for survival leaves no room for inspiration, emotion, passion or creativity.

“Awakening” opens as a raider, a scavenger from this bleak time, breaks into a deserted building to steal whatever valuables can be found. For him, life is a desperate race to stay ahead of the police, of other fugitives, of hunger, thirst, cold and disease. He is always alone, always on guard, always moving quickly.

Once inside, he finds nothing that looks familiar. Instead, he finds a lost world, long dormant, shrouded in sheets. Unexpectedly, he witnesses the magic and mystery of the past awakening and stands awe-struck by the power of the creative force he has unleashed — which he can neither anticipate nor control.

The raider achieves a heightening of consciousness that allows him to perceive a new reality. Anything can happen and may be about to happen. He embraces possibility and the creative impulse. He reaches out to grasp his new future and his birthright, to engage with his heritage and to extend it.

In “Awakening,” creativity, imagination and art have the power to transform the human experience and to awaken the individual’s drive for freedom in the face of tyranny, degradation and censorship. Divine inspiration can manifest within even the darkest of places.

A Hesperidian Production
©2011 Hesperidian Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Directed by: Kyle Thomas
Executive Producer: Jane Morson
Written by: Kyle Thomas
Director of Photography: Seth Oberle
Edited by: Kyle Thomas
Production Designer: Jeff Parrish
Music by: Gregory SmithCast
Christian Blackburn: The Raider
Claire Ann: Muse #1
Kaitlin Chin: Muse #2
Gloria Goya: Muse #3

Jane Morson: Producer
Kyle Thomas: Director
Danny Gallegos: Assistant Director
Seth Oberle: Cinematographer
Dan J. McCann: Key Production Assistant
Jane Morson: Production Manager

Jessica McCann: Production Assistant
Bethany Peters: Production Assistant
John Hatlestad: Set Design Consultant

Set Construction
Jeff Parrish
John Hatlestad
Danny Gallegos
Dan J. McCann
Jessica McCannLighting
Mark Wessling: Gaffer
Phil Doherty: Key Grip
Amy Limpinyakul: Grip

Jack Sayre: Soundscape
Gregory Smith: Sound Engineer

Costumes and Styling
Claire Ann: Wardrobe Designer
Barb Zanzig: Makeup
Anita Arsova: Hair and Special Effects Makeup
Karen Koenig: Special Effects Makeup
Lindsey Brueggen: Seamstress

Craft Services
Krystle Carpenter
Randall Carpenter
Jessica McCann

Ronald Leon Hale
Jon Recana
Henry McCoy, Jr.

Special Thanks
John Hatlestad Studio
The LRA, Inc.
Film Branch
Louis Wong

The persons and events in this film are fictitious.

Any similarity to persons or events is purely unintentional.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries.

Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.