Awakening Director’s Statement

Directors Statement Awakening

“Awakening” is a film about creative and spiritual release. In this first short film from our new Chicago-based production company, I wanted to explore themes and imagery that have long inspired me as an actor, writer, artist and filmmaker. In particular,

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Hesperidian Productions: Born of Myth


Since the dawn of civilization, art has expressed humanity’s questions about the universe and mankind’s place within it. Tales of gods and heroes provided a template for our ancestors to interpret the world and the human condition. Today, these stories and

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Hesperidian Productions: The Vision

Behold the Tree that Bears the Golden Apples of Immortality

My associate and I founded Hesperidian Productions out of a desire to create something genuinely new, something collaborative and something capable of changing individual perceptions of reality. Our company is dedicated to the development of the social experience. Our productions leave

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